SHB deploys Smart OTP authentication method for business customers

In order to improve convenience for corporate customers when using electronic banking services (Ebank), from date…, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially deployed transaction authentication via SHB Smart OTP on Safe, convenient smartphone.

SHB Smart OTP is a software that can be installed and used for free on smart mobile devices, allowing customers to get OTP authentication codes right on their phones/tablets to perform money transfer transactions. Payment at SHB Electronic Bank. Not only impressive in its convenience, the security level of this method is also ranked high among current online transaction authentication solutions.

Accordingly, SHB’s business customers can make safe and quick financial transactions with just a few clicks on their phone/tablet…

To experience this feature, customers only need to register Smart OTP at the SHB transaction counter once; Download the SHB Smart OTP application and easily get the authentication code to complete transactions at e-banking.

Ms. An Khue – accountant at a company providing transportation and warehousing services in Long Bien, Hanoi happily shared: “For many years, SHB’s Ebank has been a great assistant to help make my work much easier. Especially during the epidemic season, I don’t need to wait in line at the counter, I can rest assured that I limit contact and can still transfer money to my partners; pay salaries and bonuses to employees; Pay service fees, query information… online right on your computer. Now with SHB Smart OTP, online transactions on SHB that were already simple are now even simpler. The year-end payment season, which is always busy, can be somewhat “easier” this year.”

With the desire to bring customers “tailor-made” products, SHB deploys e-banking Service Packages to suit the diverse desires of corporate customers: eBasic, eGold, eDiamond.

In addition, in order to accompany customers to overcome difficulties caused by the pandemic, SHB has launched a comprehensive Payment Account Package product for corporate customers with countless incentives that has just been honored as Top 1 Product. Vietnam is the most popular among consumers in 2021. Specifically, customers can flexibly choose account packages to suit different needs (B-Basic, B-Gold and B-Diamond packages) and immediately enjoy benefits. Incentives such as: Free high-class digital account; Free money transfer via Internet Banking; Up to 70% discount on money transfer at the counter; Business credit card issuance fee & annual fee waived; Comes with many incentives such as guarantees, unsecured loans… Accordingly, with just one registration, customers will save up to 80% compared to registering each individual product and service.

Recently, SHB Bank has continuously pioneered the implementation of programs and services to promote the development of a digital banking experience with maximum convenience for customers, especially corporate customers: tax payment services. 24/7 electronic customs – register once, automatically pay taxes; cooperate with the State Treasury in the field of State Budget collection and electronic bilateral payments… These are breakthrough steps of SHB with the desire to contribute to creating maximum conditions and supporting organizations and businesses. reduce financial workload and promote business efficiency.

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