Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa sponsored 7 billion VND to build Thanh Tam Commune Kindergarten

(TBTCO) – On November 28, Bac Thanh Hoa Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Branch (Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa) coordinated with the authorities of Thanh Tam commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province to organize the inauguration and handover of the project. Social security Thanh Tam commune kindergarten, with a total value of 7 billion VND.

Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa sponsored 7 billion VND to build Thanh Tam Commune Kindergarten
Representatives of Agribank North Thanh Hoa leaders and local authorities inaugurated the social security project of Thanh Tam Commune Kindergarten, sponsored by Agribank North Thanh Hoa.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Van Tong – Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Thanh Hoa province; Ms. Lai Thi Thu Ha – Deputy Director of the State Bank of Thanh Hoa Province Branch, along with representatives of Thach Thanh district leaders, leaders of Thanh Tam commune, and Thanh Tam commune kindergarten.

In previous school years, the facilities at Thanh Tam Commune Kindergarten (Thach Thanh) were very difficult. The school has more than 350 students and 37 teachers, many of which are degraded and do not ensure teaching and learning conditions.

Faced with that reality, Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa has coordinated with Thach Thanh District People’s Committee to arrange funds to upgrade schools and classrooms. The project was started in December 2022, including 6 functional rooms and auxiliary works with a total area of ​​more than 784 m2, ensuring sufficient conditions for teaching and learning.

The capital for construction of the project is extracted from the welfare fund and contributions of officers and employees of Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa.

At the inauguration and handover ceremony of the project, the representative of Thach Thanh district leaders expressed their gratitude to the collective, officers and employees of Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa for regularly accompanying the locality to perform good security work. social life in recent years; At the same time, we request the sponsoring unit to commit to effectively managing and using social security projects, contributing to local socio-economic development.

Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa sponsored 7 billion VND to build Thanh Tam Commune Kindergarten
Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa sponsored 7 billion VND to build Thanh Tam Commune Kindergarten.

According to the representative of Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa, in the coming time, the branch will continue to accompany and stick with agriculture – rural areas – farmers, dedicating funds to support localities in completing sustainable school criteria in practice. implement the program to build new rural areas and implement social security well.

2023 marks the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa. In the process of development, along with its role as one of the leading banks implementing monetary policies to develop agriculture – rural areas and farmers, conducting quality and effective business, implementing responsibility Giving to the community is also one of the important tasks of Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa.

It is known that from 2019 until now, Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa has always proactively worked side by side with the government, mass organizations and social organizations of the province to well implement the work of “repaying gratitude” and social security policies. festival.

Every year, Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa spends funds to share difficulties with people in the province. To date, the total amount contributed is more than 20 billion VND. Typical social security activities of Agribank Bac Thanh Hoa were happily received by the local government and people such as: sponsoring medical equipment worth 5 billion VND to Hau Loc General Hospital; Sponsored social security projects worth 3 billion VND for Quang Cat Ward Medical Station (Thanh Hoa City).

During Tet every year, the unit gives gifts to support the poor and policy families with a budget of 250 million VND; Support the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic and drought in the locality; Dedicating hundreds of millions of dong to sponsor “Children’s play area” projects, supporting the construction of red scarf houses, donating bicycles to poor students…/.

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