SHB enhances customer protection with multi-layer Smart OTP authentication method

With the desire to increase security for customers’ online transactions, from January 14, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) improves the Smart OTP authentication method with multi-layer protection feature. helps minimize risks for customers.

In the era of technological development, high-tech crimes have also increased and become more sophisticated. SHB understands that banks play an important role in protecting customers’ information and rights. Therefore, SHB continuously updates and applies modern technology solutions to upgrade products and systems; Meet the diverse needs of customers and ensure absolute safety for transactions. From applying data encryption mechanisms according to international standards, to applying multi-layer security layers through static passwords, one-time dynamic passwords, especially the application of Smart OTP from August /2019 on the transaction authentication mechanism for customers, SHB always affirms its position as a trusted partner of all customers when transacting at SHB.

To continue its position as a leading safe and secure bank, SHB continues to add warning features for customers every time Smart OTP is reactivated to minimize the risk of hackers misappropriating Smart usage rights. Customer’s OTP
Accordingly, every time Smart OTP is reactivated, SHB will immediately alert by SMS to the customer’s phone number registered at SHB and instruct customers to text to cancel Smart OTP before reactivating. Multi-layer security with timely warnings will help prevent hackers from successfully activating Smart OTP to appropriate assets.
For instructions on installing Smart OTP, please see the instructions here:

Step 1: Select Settings/ Smart OTP and click Activate, the system displays Popup instructions to cancel Smart OTP.

➢ Step 2: Customers text the following syntax: SHB HUY SMARTOTP to 6089

Step 3: Customer receives SMS notification of successful cancellation

Step 4: Return to the SHB Mobile app to continue activating according to the normal flow

Mr. Do Quang Vinh – Deputy General Director of SHB said “The Bank always actively and proactively applies new technology to improve the quality of products and services; Bringing customers the best and safest experiences. With the most modern authentication method – multi-layer Smart OTP, SHB customers can safely transact online banking, comfortably enjoy digital banking with maximum convenience, especially contributing to ensuring safety in banking. epidemic context.”

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