SHB has a variety of credit card options issued online via SHB Mobile

Since June 17, 2022, SHB has continued to upgrade the online credit card issuance feature to be 100% implemented on SHB’s pre-approved digital platform for customers. With this launch, customers can choose and compare many different types of SHB credit cards, instead of just the previous Mastercard Cashback credit card.

Specifically, in this upgrade, SHB has introduced a series of features such as:

  • Select card type when registering for online credit card issuance
  • Compare features of credit cards
  • Edit the Register card receiving address screen
  • Edit Push content for online spending warnings

With the addition of the above features, SHB hopes to meet a variety of different customer needs, enhancing a superior experience for customers who are approved before issuing online credit cards. In addition to the card issuance feature, customers can also activate cards and manage cards online right on SHB Mobile. All the utilities brought to customers once again affirm SHB’s customer-centric criteria in developing digital banking products and services.

Instructional video, please watch here

For more detailed information, please call the 24/7 hotline: *6688 or the nearest transaction point.

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