SHB launches a 0% interest installment payment offer for Dai-ichi Life insurance payments by international credit card

Grasp the increasing demand for insurance services and let customers feel secure in owning health protection products with attractive benefits; SHB deploys a solution to pay Dai-ichi Life insurance premiums in installments via international credit cards with 0% interest for 6-month or 12-month terms.

Instead of paying insurance premiums through traditional payment channels such as cash or bank transfer, using credit cards to pay is a smart way to take advantage of free capital from banks and is gaining popularity among many customers. select. The program applies to all SHB Visa/Mastercard international credit card holders paying for Dai-ichi Life insurance. Accordingly, SHB offers a convenient solution with 2 attractive incentive packages for customers participating in installment payments:

Customers participating in Promotion package 1 – paying Dai-ichi Life insurance premiums purchased at SHB for the first year will be free to register for 0% interest installment conversion for payment transactions via SHB credit card, with the term 6 month term with amount from 15 to under 50 million VND and 12 month term with amount from 50 to 200 million VND. To participate in Promotional package 1, customers please contact Dai-ichi life insurance sales branch/transaction office at SHB nationwide for advice and support.

Customers participating in Promotion package 2 – paying Dai-ichi Life insurance premiums will receive 0% interest installments for the entire payment transaction amount via SHB credit card with transaction amount of 3 million VND or more. Applicable for 6 month or 12 month installment terms; The preferential installment registration fee is 2% of the transaction amount for a 6-month term and 4% of the transaction amount for a 12-month term. To participate in Promotion 2, please contact SHB’s 24/7 Hotline: *6688 for advice and support.

By implementing this promotion, SHB wishes to accompany and provide customers with financial solutions to protect long-term health, prevent risks, worry less about costs and have more peace of mind in life. life.

For detailed information about the program rules, please visit here

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