VietinBank continues to affirm its position as “The bank providing the best foreign exchange services in Vietnam”

(TBTCO) – Global Finance – The world’s leading prestigious magazine in the financial sector for the 6th consecutive time named VietinBank in the category “Best bank providing foreign exchange services in Vietnam” in 2023. VietinBank has excellently surpassed domestic banks to be included in the list of 88 best national banks in this field.

VietinBank continues to affirm its position as
VietinBank continues to affirm its position as “The bank providing the best foreign exchange services in Vietnam”.

Affirming its leading position in the foreign exchange market

VietinBank is currently leading the interbank market in terms of sales and market share; At the same time, it is one of the two banks with the largest market share in market 1 (the market where transactions take place between financial institutions with businesses and residents) with a stable average market share of 10% – 15%.

VietinBank is always considered a large and reputable leading partner of many customers as well as domestic and foreign organizations in the field of foreign exchange trading. VietinBank’s customer scale has grown well and sustainably with the number of new customers growing at over 10%/year.

Global Finance’s “Best Foreign Exchange Provider Vietnam – The best foreign exchange service provider in Vietnam” award with the main evaluation criteria of transaction volume, market share, global coverage, service customer service, competitive prices and advanced technology.

In recent years, Global Finance has paid special attention and highly appreciated organizations that have foresight in predicting the direction of the market and are sensitive in helping customers adapt to the continuous changes of the market. currency market. The recognition and award by the prestigious Global Finance magazine is proof of VietinBank’s success in providing foreign exchange trading products with outstanding service quality.

VietinBank continues to affirm its position as

VietinBank was honored for 6 consecutive years as “Best Foreign Exchange Service Provider in Vietnam” in 2023.

Strong application of new technology

As a state-owned commercial bank with a leading role in leading the market, VietinBank is always a pioneer in applying technology to business activities, bringing the best products and services to serve customers. serving people and businesses.

VietinBank is the first bank among the Big 4 to launch a 24/7 online foreign currency transaction feature, allowing both corporate and individual customers to use the service anytime, anywhere on the VietinBank eFAST trading platform and VietinBank iPay.

Not only striving to bring maximum benefits to customers, VietinBank also focuses on increasing the benefits of traditional foreign exchange products and services such as: spot transactions, forward transactions, swaps…; At the same time, diversify the product and service portfolio by providing structured foreign exchange products, interest rate derivatives… closely following market developments and fluctuations; From there, in-depth foreign exchange consulting helps customers minimize risks and bring maximum benefits.

VietinBank also issued preferential exchange rate programs, built flexible cross-selling product packages, combining foreign currency buying and selling with deposit, credit, trade finance, money transfer products…

Through diversifying and digitizing products and services, VietinBank increasingly affirms its superior position and pioneering role in the digital transformation journey; thereby bringing perfect safety, security and convenience experiences to each customer.

With recognition from domestic and international organizations, VietinBank constantly brings the best services and maximum utilities to quickly meet the increasing and diverse foreign exchange needs of customers. At the same time, realizing the goal of VietinBank becoming the No. 1 bank in foreign currency trading and interest rate derivatives in the Vietnamese banking system.

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