SHB launches the service of depositing money into VETC/VCTC to pay road tolls on SHB Mobile

From July 4, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) continues to deploy the service of depositing money into VETC/VDTC traffic accounts on the SHB Mobile application. Accordingly, customers can top up money online right on their phone from their SHB account to their VETC/VDTC traffic account to pay road tolls.

Using VETC/VDTC, customers have identification tags placed on the vehicle and automatically identified via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology using radio waves when passing through toll booths without stopping at the ETC lane. Accordingly, customers can pay road tolls online immediately without having to stop and wait.

The service of depositing money into VETC/VDTC traffic accounts on SHB Mobile Thanh application helps customers recharge anytime, anywhere, including holidays, holidays, Tet… in just 1 minute right on mobile devices.

Service benefits:

  • Top up online without going to a collection point
  • Limit the use of cash, transactions are safe, fast and convenient
  • Reduce congestion, pollution, and accidents
  • Save time queuing at toll stations, save fuel
  • Avoid losses, save construction costs, receive…

Conditions of service use:

  • Customers have a payment deposit account and have registered to use SHB Mobile service
  • The account has enough balance and limit to deposit money into VETC/VDTC.

Steps to deposit money into VETC/EPASS:

For more detailed information, please contact SHB’s 24/7 hotline *6688.

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