SHB offers free exchange of domestic debit cards with contactless technology

With the desire for customers to have extremely convenient and safe one-touch payment experiences with the contactless feature during the transaction process. SHB Bank continues to waive fees for changing magnetic ATM cards to contactless chip technology cards for all individual customers who own SHB domestic debit cards.

To convert to a card, please do one of the following:

  • Method 1: Customers go to SHB branches/transaction offices nationwide to receive support for card exchange;
  • Method 2: Customers contact SHB’s 24/7 Customer Support Center via hotline: *6688 to register to change the card and receive a new card after 04 working days at the SHB unit where you registered to receive the card via hotline or the SHB business unit that manages your current card.

During the conversion period, SHB ensures that your Card operations continue to be continuous, stable and safe, while ensuring all of your rights.

Own SHB’s contactless chip ATM card with modern technology and security today!

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