SHB offers gifts worth up to 5 taels of SJC gold to customers who buy insurance

Since ten/06/2022 to December 31, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) launches the promotion program “Peace of mind insurance – Golden fortune” with gifts value up to 5 SJC 9999 gold taels for each life insurance contract. The total gift value of the program is up to 50 billion VND.

Accordingly, customers participating in the program will immediately receive a gift of SJC gold (Maximum not more than 6.8 million VND/string) corresponding to the insurance premiums actually paid for the first time of each Insurance Contract as follows:

When paying the first insurance premium/

An insurance contract


≥ 15 million VND 0.5 only SJC 9999 gold
≥ 25 million VND 1 only SJC 9999 gold
≥ 50 million VND 2 only SJC 9999 gold
≥ 75 million VND 3 points SJC 9999 gold
≥ 100 million VND 4 points SJC 9999 gold
≥ 125 million VND 5 points SJC 9999 gold

SHB does not limit the number of gifts for each customer who participates in multiple insurance contracts and meets the program’s conditions.

Promotion program deployed at all SHB transaction points; for customers using 03 products and services, including Dai-ichi Life’s life insurance products. The insurance contract issued during the program or the insurance request submitted during the program is issued as an insurance contract, and the insurance contract takes effect after the balance period. prompt. Insurance fee is paid once per year.

Currently, SHB offers customers 3 life insurance products: “Dong Hanh Thinh Vuong” with the outstanding advantage of protecting an additional relative for accidental death benefits without increasing premiums; “Prosperous Life” – combining insurance and investment to increase assets with attractive rates of return; “Dai Gia An Phuc” – a worthy protection solution with low insurance premiums but high insurance benefits to help you and your family have a more solid financial fulcrum.

For detailed information, please contact SHB transaction points nationwide: see SHB address here or Customer Support Call Center: *6688.

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