Free money transfer with SHB card

From now until December 31, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) applies the promotion program “Transfer money as you wish – Don’t worry about fees” for individual customers transferring most currencies. Currency from Vietnam to the world for different purposes. Now, SHB customers can easily transfer money internationally for free, securely and with maximum safety.

In Vietnam, people who want to transfer money abroad often have the habit of choosing methods such as sending “black market” services, which do not require complicated procedures but have quite high fees and pose many potential risks. … or send “hand-held” through acquaintances and friends with limited deposits and it is especially difficult during the epidemic period of travel restrictions.

Understanding the needs and desires of providing customers with a reliable, safe international money transfer address at optimal costs, SHB launched the promotion program “Transfer money as desired – No worries about fees”. Accordingly, individual customers who need to buy foreign currency to transfer abroad via the SWIFT system at SHB during the program will receive free money transfer fees.

In particular, SHB meets a variety of international money transfer needs of customers such as studying, medical treatment abroad, settling abroad… with high limits competitive with the market.

In addition, SHB is committed to providing customers with superior service with a simplified process of all documents, confidential and safe transactions, helping customers feel secure and save time. Customers only need to bring a valid ID card/Passport/ID card or a valid Passport/Entry Visa for foreign customers and valid documents according to the law… to be able to transfer money smoothly. convenient, fast.

Mr. Do Quang Vinh – Deputy General Director of SHB Bank shared: “SHB is confident in providing customers with good service, optimal costs with a team of professional consultants, quickly responding to all international money transfer needs.” of cutomer.”

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