SHB offers preferential loan interest rates & gives life insurance vouchers to businesses

Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) launches the program “Companion Insurance – Successful Enterprises” providing businesses with capital sources at preferential interest rates and health insurance programs for employees. employees, customers and partners.

Accordingly, Enterprises participate in the program “Companion insurance Businesses are successful” will receive a further reduction in loan interest rates 0.3%/year, the loan interest rate is reduced to only from 5.55%/yearand receive a voucher to buy Dai-ichi Life life insurance at SHB with minimum value 150 million VND/loan and maximum up to 0.5%/year Loan balance to pay insurance premiums for the first 2 years. Businesses can flexibly use insurance vouchers or give them to employees, customers or partners.

Mr. Quoc An – Director of the Import-Export Company in Ha Long shared: “Thanks to the preferential interest rate program combined with life insurance, my business not only enjoys preferential loan interest rates, but also employees and customers. The Company’s customers and strategic partners were also given life insurance by SHB to help the Enterprise increase the value of employee benefits and connect customers and partners.”

The program applies to corporate customers who borrow preferential loans to finance working capital at SHB, implemented from now until March 7, 2023 or until the credit limit/promotional budget of the program expires. .

Programme “Companion insurance – Successful business” is a meaningful gift for businesses with the desire to help businesses access finance and develop their business.

For more detailed information, please call the 24/7 hotline: *6688 or the nearest transaction point.

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