SHB stopped implementing Great Savings, Smart Savings, Love for Children products

Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) would like to thank customers for their interest in and use of SHB’s deposit products in recent times.

SHB would like to inform customers: To improve systems, products and services to better meet customer needs, from May 21, 2023, SHB stops implementing the following products: Dai Loi Savings , Smart Savings, Love for your children. All savings books opened/renewed before May 21, 2023 are still guaranteed current benefits at the opening/renewal date of the savings book.

  • For savings books participating in the Dai Loi Savings and Smart Savings products with an extension date after May 21, 2023, if the customer does not come to close the book, SHB will automatically switch to the Tiered Savings product. scale according to the amount with the corresponding term/adjacent shorter term and the interest rate of this product at the time of renewal.
  • For savings books participating in the Love for Children product, on the due date of the book, the SHB system will automatically settle payment to the customer’s payment account according to product regulations.

SHB hopes to continue to receive support from customers in the coming time.

For more detailed information, please contact SHB’s nearest transaction point nationwide or Hotline *6688.

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