SHB upgrades Internet Banking for Business Customers

In order to provide Corporate Customers with modern digital experiences, meeting the needs of production and business activities, in recent times, SHB has been constantly upgrading its services. Internet Banking.

Accordingly, from March 20, 2023, Business customers will experience modern, advanced Internet Banking services on a high technology platform with fast processing speed, friendly interface and optimal support for payment, transfer, and management operations. Manage the cash flow of the Enterprise, specifically:

  • Money transfer transaction fast, convenient anytime – anywhere, 24/7
  • Unlimited money transfer limit within SHB; Interbank transfer limit up to 100 billion VND/day;
  • Optimal Efficiency when paying, paying salaries, transferring money in batches (inside and outside SHB) up to 000account/time;
  • Safe, securewith modern authentication methods (Smart OTP, Digital Signature);
  • flexible maximum decentralization 2 – 3 levels appropriate to the business needs of the Enterprise;
  • ConvenientPayment of a variety of utility services (payment of electricity and water bills; telecommunications and internet fees; air tickets, etc.);
  • Free of charge Register and maintain electronic banking services;
  • Proactively change Online transaction limits according to needs;
  • Proactively create payment account QRCode…

For more detailed information, please contact the 24/7 hotline: *6688 or the nearest transaction point.

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