Deflationary pressure on China is increasing as prices last month increased by only 0.1%, showing that domestic demand is still weak. China’s National Statistics Agency has just announced that the country’s consumer price index (CPI) in April increased only 0.1% over the same period last year. This is the slowest speed since February 2021. Two months earlier, China’s inflation was 1% and 0.7% respectively while this year’s target is 3%.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the 11th Russian sanctions package since the Ukraine conflict has just been submitted to member states and EU ambassadors with a focus on “suppressing fraud, together with international partners”. In this package, the first part is to expand the list of European goods banned from transiting through Russia. The second part is to find a tool that will allow the bloc to block the export of certain goods to certain third countries, if they are going to Russia.

Recently, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) issued Decision No. 377 on adjusting to increase the average retail electricity price. Thus, after four years of restraint, the average retail electricity price has increased from the current level of 1,864.44 VND/kWh (excluding VAT) to 1,920.3732 VND/kWh (excluding VAT), which is an increase. an additional 55.9 VND/kWh (equivalent to 3%).

Last week, world gold prices fluctuated with a large amplitude, falling at the end of the week due to the USD and higher US government bond yields. Gold price closed the weekend session at 2,010.5 USD/ounce, down 0.35%. Domestically, gold prices fluctuate in opposite directions. DOJI Group is listing SJC gold price at 66.5 million VND/tael purchased and 67.1 million VND/tael sold. Other types of gold jewelry have stable prices, moving sideways in both directions.

The stock market had a positive trading week. For the whole week, VN-Index increased a total of 26.59 points (2.56%), to 1,066.9 points. Open-ended stock funds still maintain performance compared to the market, the risk level of the portfolio is always maintained lower than the general market. In there, VCBF-MGF stock fund certificates are having the best performance over the past week, up 1.79% compared to the previous week.

In the past week, open-ended bond funds maintained a stable profit level with a positive return rate of over 2.3%. Among them, VCAM-NH VABF bond fund certificates are having the best performance with an increase of 0.17%.