VISA honored SHB as “Card Growth Star 2023”

(TBTCO) – The award was given by the world’s leading card payment organization – VISA, recognizing SHB Bank’s outstanding efforts in providing outstanding credit card services and experiences to customers.

VISA honored SHB as
VISA honored SHB as “Card Growth Star 2023”

Recently, within the framework of the annual customer conference organized by VISA Vietnam in Hoi An with the theme “Elevate Boundless Experiences – Raising the bar for unlimited experiences”, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) has honored to receive the award “New Superstar in Payment Volume Growth 2023” – “Card Growth Star 2023”.

As one of the SHB credit card lines loved by customers, by the end of October 2023, the total number of newly issued SHB Visa Platinum cards increased 3.7 times compared to the same period in 2022. Not only strong growth Regarding the number of cards, SHB’s card transaction revenue also increased 2.4 times over the same period.

With this impressive increase, SHB has focused on designing new outstanding usage values ​​for each customer group, expanding cooperation with payment incentives, and upgrading customer experiences during the usage process. Use cards and implement special promotions…

In early 2023, SHB officially launched the SHB Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Star credit cards. With the message “Connect with class” and “Connect with style”, SHB’s credit card duo is dedicated to the high-end customer segment with worthy privileges such as: SHB First Club Airport Lounge Service Gold-plated, equipped with top-class amenities and services, Rewards points with outstanding exchange rates and many specialized payment incentives from hotels, resorts, restaurants, and services. Spa services, beauty care, world-class golf courses as well as global travel insurance worth up to 40 billion VND.

VISA honored SHB as
SHB has always been one of the pioneering banks to launch products and services based on deep user understanding.

SHB Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Star are part of the brand positioning campaign for international credit card lines “SHB card family – Connecting love”. The campaign has the companionship of famous artists and athletes with many meaningful activities, thereby enhancing product recognition in the market and affirming efforts to provide practical credit card products based on based on understanding SHB’s users.

The SHB card family includes four credit card lines: Platinum, Cashback, FCB, Platinum Star, corresponding to father, mother, son and daughter in a family, with exquisite privileges, outstanding incentives, and guidance. to the diverse consumer needs of each generation. These card products not only help cardholders discover more payment experiences but also connect family members closer together.

“Continuously improving and diversifying payment solutions, enhancing security methods, and optimizing incentives for customers to promote cardholder spending are factors leading to SHB’s positive results. . VISA’s award for the leading bank in card growth is a testament to SHB’s efforts and efforts in recent times” – a representative of SHB leadership shared at the event.

Over the years, SHB has always been one of the pioneering banks to launch products and services based on deep understanding of users. SHB customers can use diverse payment services and new features such as: Quick card opening process, allowing customers to spend immediately after just a few minutes of registration; Samsung pay payment, contactless payment…

SHB credit card is built on the chip card technology platform according to international standards EMV Contactless, 3D Secure payment authentication technology with the highest security today, promising to bring a safe payment tool, superior and fast./.

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