Exchange rate today (December 2): The domestic USD inched up, the world turned down

(TBTCO) – In the early morning of December 2, the State Bank (SBV) announced that the central exchange rate of Vietnam Dong is currently at 23,923 VND/USD, an increase of 32 VND. On the world market, the USD Index reached 103,125, down 0.29% at 6:27 a.m. on December 2, Vietnam time.

Rate;  USD during the year dropped sharply.  Illustration photo.

Domestic market developments

* The reference exchange rate at the SBV’s buying and selling exchange increased slightly, currently at: 23,400 VND/USD – 25,069 VND/USD.

* The Euro exchange rate at the SBV Buying – Selling Exchange decreased slightly, currently at: 24,786 VND/Euro – 27,395 VND/Euro.

On the “black market”, the USD is traded at 24,600 – 24,650 VND/USD.

USD exchange rates at commercial banks buying and selling are as follows:

USD rate

Buy into

Sold out


24,080 VND

24,450 VND


24,050 VND

24,510 VND


24,145 VND

24,445 VND

Euro exchange rates at buying and selling commercial banks are as follows:

Euro exchange rate

Buy into

Sold out


25,781.55 VND

27,197.16 VND


25,576 VND

26,876 VND


26,012 VND

27,214 VND

* JPY exchange rates at commercial banks buying and selling are as follows:

JPY exchange rate

Buy into

Sold out


160.34 VND

169.73 VND


159.81 VND

169.51 VND


161.3 VND

169.78 VND

World market developments

The USD fell again after 2 days of gains, as US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell took a cautious stance on further interest rate moves, saying there was a risk of over- or under-tightening. is now more balanced.

The market viewed his comments as dovish, as investors priced in expectations that the Fed would likely raise interest rates.

The Dollar-Index against six major currencies – was down 0.25% at 103.24 after ending November on Thursday with its weakest monthly performance in a year.

The euro was last down 0.1% at $1.0874, trimming losses and benefiting from the dollar sell-off following Powell’s comments.

The British Pound rose 0.5% to $1.2699.

Compared to the Yen, the USD decreased 0.9% to 146,855 Yen. The Yen is on track to gain for the third consecutive week, pulling it away from a nearly 33-year low of 151.92 JYP/USD hit in mid-November./.

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