Free transfer – Full money in wallet with SHB

In order to provide customers with convenient and outstanding financial services, from October 3, 2022, SHB offers free lifetime 24/7 interbank transfer for individual customers on SHB Mobile. In particular, customers can register to use online services right at the SHB Mobile app without having to go to the transaction counter.

In addition, when registering to use additional Payment Account packages, customers will enjoy many attractive incentives such as free interbank transfer with a transfer limit of less than 500 million VND/time, refunds up to 0.5% when using international debit card SHB Mastercard,…

In particular, for customers who are incurring unpaid fees, when using their accounts again and making 24/7 interbank transfers via SHB Mobile, they will be supported with fee exemption/reduction, including management fees. Payment account package, minimum balance maintenance fee, SMS balance change notification fee and international debit card annual fee.

At the same time, SHB is implementing many incentive programs for customers who open new and use payment account products such as: free opening of a beautiful digital account worth 880,000 VND, no requirement to maintain a minimum balance. Minimally, give away a discount code to top up your phone worth 50,000 VND, an e-voucher for shopping on Shopee worth 50,000 VND, 20% discount on bill value when registering for automatic electricity payment for the first time, an immediate discount of 20,000 VND When recharging your phone on the 3 golden days of the 5th, 15th, 25th of every month, accumulate points to redeem gifts when using e-banking services and international credit cards with the SHB Rewards program….

Ms. Ngo Thu Ha – General Director of SHB shared: “The No-Fee Transfer Program – Full Money in Wallet was implemented by SHB with the desire to bring more optimal experiences with reasonable fees for customers when using products and services on digital platforms. of SHB. With the customer-centered motto, SHB will continue to research and deploy more attractive products, services, and promotional programs in the future.”

For advice and more detailed information, please contact Hotline *6688 or visit SHB transaction points nationwide.

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